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My name is Jarno van Es and I translate ideas into music.

Amsterdam based pianist, composer, producer and sound artist

“I help people to convey their message through music and sound. This can be anything from a feeling, an atmosphere to a brand identity or abstract concepts and philosophies.

I enjoy working together with other people in a collaborative way and have done so in the past for both artistic and commercial partners.

I am a good listener and have the ability to find the essence quickly.

My music is not confined to borders, ranging from pop music and orchestral works to meditative piano improvisations and soundscapes. A collage of styles, mixing electronics with acoustics, often integrating digitally processed field recordings and found footage. The results in ethereal realms, abstract textures and contemplative moods where real life and imagination meet.

Thanks to many years of experience in the fields of media, dance, theatre and performing arts, I have the strength and sensitivity to translate any story into music which captivates the audience.”